• Make a test environment in the south of Israel
  • Saudi Arabia to build a city (Tabuk or similar)
  • Australia to build Energy Cities in the deserts
  • USA and India to build Energy cities
  • Such projects are paid by Countries, Investors, private people
  • The cities will produce Energy in form of Kerosen, Hydrogen, Electricity
  • The cities will produce about 100% of the world Energy needed
  • The cities will produce agriculturral products for the world market, the waste products will be converted into Bio Gas
  • The city will have livestock farming under the solar panels for the world market,  the waste products will be converted into Bio Gas
  • Methane from livestock will be collected and converted to Kerosen
  • Different green Energy productions will be used as: CSP Kerosen Production (ETH Switzerland) ,CSP Desertec, Photovoltaic, Windfarm, Bio Gas .. 
  • End Products: Kerosen, Petrol, Hydrogene, Electricity, Bio Gas
  • Transport of Energy: Pipelines, HVDC, conventional exiting transports from Oil production
  • Storage: Kerosen , Hydrogen, 
  • Water: Groundwater, Desalination (Israel, osmotic vibration), transport of sea water

News 2019

ETH Zürich , under Professor Aldo Steinfeld, announced in June 2019 the new technology on how to produce Kerosen with solar Energy. See the announcement here

News November 2017: 

In October 2017 Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman from Saudi Arabia announced a futuristic and visionary Mega city close to Egypt, Jordan and Israel, size 33 times of New York,  at the coast of the Red Sea. The name of the city should be NEOM. 

Such a city is very much similar to what I described 2013 in the report you can download. However I do believe, such cities should be mainly for energy and food production and must be built around the world. 

The biggest Solar City can be built in Australia, where there is the highest solar impact. 

As described in my report, Countries as Switzerland and Germany started a project to produce Methaneand Kerosene from Solar sources, using Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere. (See such reports in the Scientific Program “Einstein" on the SF website of the Swiss TV)

How all this should work together is described in the Report “Green energy for the world market

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