Who wrote the Report

I started the report in 2013. It started out of a long night discussion. And I got more and more involved.

I had meetings with specialists overseas and they wondered, why such project did not have started. 

Especially in the last 6 month, I put more and more Energy and time into this project. 

I did a summary about the report as follows.

  • This report is written in a way that the scientific facts are simplified and made comprehensible for the general public.
  • The aim is to put the figures of energy generally used globally into a simple and understandable context. Existing technologies should be shown and compared.
  • Political decisions and ethnic conflicts require consideration and discussion.

  • This report is strictly non-political and is not financed by any industry or any political party.
  • It is my belief that no single political party will be able to create a solution for the energy/environment crisis that the world will be contending with, and that only by working together in a unified manner, for the greater good, will a solution be brought about.
  • It is understood that there are industrial and political interests in keeping certain forms of energy in production. The aim should be to amalgamate their forces into a common power in order to move in a positive direction. No single form of energy can solve our future energy crisis, but with an amalgamation of different technologies, future energy problems could be eliminated.
  • It is imperative that different ethnologies and religions be a part of finding a solution for our future energy production. With a massive influx of refugees coming from countries with difficult political and war situations, it is a great opportunity for these people, and Australia, to find meaningful solutions.
  • Voltaire states that “we live in the best of all possible worlds”. It is my belief that the world is only as good as we are willing to make it. 

26 January 2016,  Australia Day

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